quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Lovers & Astronauts

Lovers and astronauts seat in silence.
For the singing breeze high up in the sky.
Can you hear it? Stand still.
Look through the feathers and flames that mirror our dreams.
Push the air between our breathes to land off.
Maybe we will never find the way home.
Like lovers and astronauts. Casting stars, like damned words, for enchanted loneliness.

by Ema

00:00:02 Lullatone | Tracing
00:03:29 Slowdive | Blue skied and clear
00:09:31 Czars | Paint the moon
00:13:34 Olivia Ruiz | De toi à moi II
00:17:25 Neil Hannon & Yann Tiersen | Life on mars (David Bowie cover)
00:20:18 Ohbijou | Niagara
00:24:42 Epic45 | The stars in the spring
00:28:43 Jarvis Cocker & Mazzy Star | Fade into you
00:34:09 Epic45 |The blue of the sky
00:38:52 Beck and Bat for Lashes | Let´s get lost
00:42:56 Efterklang | Red drop
00:46:44 Jonathan Johansson | Running up that hill (Kate Bush cover)
00:50:13 Scout Niblett & Will Oldham | Kiss
00:56:06 Mi And L´Au | A world in your belly
01:02:59 Efterklang | Full moon
01:06:29 Memoryhouse | Lately
01:09:46 Cokiyu | Star takes a rest
01:14:40 Múm | The land between solar systems

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